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FlipBooker exists to give businesses and individuals a faster and better way to publish content online. We do this by creating easy to use tools that do all of the hard work for you. FlipBooker takes your content in PDF format and converts it to an identical HTML page that looks great on all devices.

The idea started in 2014 whilst publishing magazines for an Australian news organization, The Australian Times, as well as other customers. We had been searching the globe for months looking for flip book software that would faithfully render a magazine online, be intuitive to use, and look great on mobile, tablet and desktops of all sizes. After evaluating dozens of packages available we simply couldn’t find one that did the job well and at a reasonable price.

Most flip book software relies on Adobe Flash which simply does not work on Apple devices. Often the mobile versions would take pictures of pages which made them pixelated and difficult to read when zoomed in. Other packages were too complex or prohibitively expensive for regular publishing. Very few packages would operate online and instead require downloading, installing, and licensing of software. There had to be a better way… so we built our own! FlipBooker runs in a web browser, does not require plugins, and is easy to use. We even host the content for you

Today we are working with many organizations to produce great looking e-books, sales catalogs, and other online publications that they distribute to their customers.

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