Social Commenting Within A Flip Book

It has not officially been released to the general public yet, but is available to our corporate customers, Universities, and higher volume publishers: social commenting within flip books.

Traditionally if you want your readers to interact with your publication you would let them share the link to it on Facebook, Twitter, or other social network. FlipBooker already lets you do that, but we go one better, with a fully integrated commenting system. Your readers can place comments inline with content, not at the bottom. They can select which text they want to respond to and write a message in there, on the page, exactly at that location! This is great for longer magazine articles, books, and other documents where a comment at the end would lose context.

Here are some of the applications that it can be used for:

Social interaction on magazines: The Australia Times magazines let subscribers log in and comment on the articles. Discussions can be had within the magazine, so you do not need to send your readers to another platform (such as Facebook) if they want to write about what they are reading.

Document reviews: This could work equally well in a corporate environment (annual reports, whitepapers, marketing plans) or in Universities (assignments, essays, theses, research papers). A thesis is a great example where reviewers can independently and electronically review a student’s work, and the student and supervisor can review all comments at the same time.

Private social networks: Perhaps you have a photo album that you share with close friends and family. You could give them access to the commenting system and they can write their thoughts, and words of gratitude or encouragement, right there amongst the pictures you publish.

This idea of inline annotations is unique to FlipBooker and opens up enormous possibilities with your readership and getting them to interact with your content, not just read it. Interested? Contact us today and tell us about what you want to achieve. We can tailor a system to meet your unique requirements.

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