The Environmentally Friendly Way To Publish Documents

Every year the average office worker consumes thousands of pages of paper. Many of the documents printed and distributed could equally be done online and save organisations thousands of dollars a year, and help your organisation reduce its environmental impact.

Material such as sales brochures, price lists, reports, newsletters, academic papers and more are all typically created as PDF files before being sent to the printer. So why not just put them on FlipBooker and start saving money? For larger users of FlipBooker such as corporations and Universities, we have a commenting facility that could be combined with an internal and secure library of flip books. This will ensure sensitive information remains inside the company whilst also giving staff the opportunity to comment (annotate) documents and provide feedback or review.

So if you want to be the real hero at your workplace, stop spending time on fancy colour print jobs and binding. Instead start publishing electronically. You will improve your profitability, go green for the environment, and open up more opportunties for staff to collaborate. Everybody wins!


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